Sitka Careers helps beginning biologists find and navigate a fulfilling and successful career path. We work with undergraduate and graduate students, and early career scientists to meet their goals by either guiding job search and application, or by assisting with finding and securing a graduate school position. We also specialize in helping mid-degree undergraduates plan their final years so that they are best positioned to either enter graduate school or the workforce when they graduate.

Looking for a job? Services include:

  • biology-specific job hunting
  • advice on what to do to build marketable, hireable skills
  • resume and cover letter writing instruction
  • interview skills and salary negotiation

Considering graduate school? Services include:

  • graduate school searching and choosing the right school
  • how to approach potential graduate supervisors and get noticed
  • how to write an academic CV
  • scholarship application assistance

The process:

We start with a short, free consultation where we get an understanding of your goals and set a plan for how to work together to meet them. We will ask you questions about your short-term goals, and/or long-term aspirations. You can ask us about anything — our work process, our background and experience, what to expect from us. Then, we’ll then make a plan for meeting your goals. It may be as simple as having a quick look at your resume and giving you some feedback. Or we may decide to meet a few times, or even regularly (by phone, skype, email, or in person, depending on location) and work on everything from solidifying goals and career planning, to job search and practicing interviews. Our background in biology also makes us well positioned to be able to give you insider information about graduate schools and programs, how to choose supervisors and the best approach for contacting a supervisor and getting scholarship funding.

We are not a resume writing service. Instead, we teach you to make your resume and cover letter effective for getting the job. These standard documents become your personal brand and marketing tools and after working with us, you will have the skills you need to continue to write and update your resume on your own.